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Speak English with Confidence...
" YES " Institute of English Language.....
Learn English to Use it! You will become an expert English speaker! Many people study English for many years. Even after years of studying, they go to an English speaking country and realize that they cannot say one sentence correctly. This is going to change for people who finish this course. You will be able to speak English in many different situations. This Institute will give you the foundation you need to communicate effectively in English.

Invest your time and effort Don't believe book titles that say you can learn English in 3 months. That is a lie and only the smartest of all genius's will be able to accomplish that. More realistically, it will take quite a long time.
  • * Conversation.
  • * Group Discussion.
  • * Public Speaking.
  • * Situation Role Play.
  • * Daily Activities.
  • * Debate.
  • * Turn Coat.
  • * Gem Session.
  • * Jokes Telling.
  • * Accent Neutralization.
  • * Vocabulary Building.
  • * Communication Skill.
  • Many More...
Speak English fluently without thinking about the rules and logic.
You need to mimic correct sentences over and over again. Do you have to memorize English or do you have to understand the English to speak it? Let's first think about how people learn their first language. When you were little, you listened to your parents speak and you copied them. Over the years, people have tried to learn English like they learn a concept or a theory.
They try to understand the meaning behind each sentence and try to put them together through logic. If you are studying to pass the GMAT or TOEFL or any other test, then you will have to try to understand every word of every sentence and know why each word is in a particular place. But when you speak English, you don't need to know any rules. The more rules and logic you think about, the harder time you will have. The best way to learn to speak English is to memorize. First, have a sentence that is correct. Listen to the sentence, repeat the sentence over and over again until it becomes a part of you.
Spoken English:-
#  Basic  #  Medium  #  Fluent
#   Spoken English.
#   Call Center Training.
#   Personality Development.
#   GD/Interview.
#   Retail Management (Certified Course).
#   Placement Concern.
Practice until you can speak without thinking about each word If you read each section once and listen to the lesson once, you will probably finish in 10 minutes. But you will not be learning anything. Take the time to make each sentence a part of you. You should be able to say each sentence without thinking about it. Use the Interactive Conversation Practice session over and over again until you can be fluent for that category.Take the time to make each sentence a part of you. You should be able to say each sentence without thinking about it. Don't be discouraged if a lesson takes you a long time.
Are you talking after thinking about all the words? You have to speak without thinking instantly.When I ask you for your background information in your language, you don't have to think about each word that you are going to say. You are basically thinking about the content. When you know what you want to say, you can say it automatically. This is because you have everything already memorized. When you want to speak effectively in English, you have to recall information immediately. In order to do so, you must have the sentences already memorized. If you have something memorized, you will be able to say it immediately. For example, you probably learned how to say, 'How are you doing?' You don't have to think about this sentence because you practiced it so many times. Imagine if can say other things as quickly as you can say 'How are you doing?" That is what you will be learning.
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"Being an English medium student I was not abale to speak English fluently but after joining Yes I speak English fluently."
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"I must say thanks to Yes and my trainers who gave me wonderful personality and English fluency, now I can impress anyone."
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"While pursing my course I am feeling improvement in my English."
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"Whenever my friends ask me about my English fluency I suggest them to join Yes."
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"Before joining Yes I was afraid of speaking english but after compeleting my course from Yes I speak good english which makes me confident."
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"I joined many institutions but after joing Yes I think I found the best spoken english institute, now I can speak fluent english."
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"Call center was my dream job but because of my poor communication skills I couldn't get selection, now I am working in an international call center. It is all because of Yes CALL CENTER TRAINING PROGRAMME "
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"I never thought to speak English; all the reference goes to Yes for providing me batch according to my level and now I can say I speak English confidently."
Yes institute of English language is an organization which strongly believes in quality of its teaching method and study material. Here more than 100 ways are being used to train the trainee, moreover the trainee injoys other aids such as LTMC (life time membership card), audio-video class session, booklets & personality grooming activities and many more. Trainers those are expert in their respective methods have been catageriged according to the level of batches. Apparently the purpose of Yes, is to make a strong foundation of its trainees sothat they could give their prominent contribution for building the nation as well, yet another benefit to join Yes, is to join the most powerfull upcoming eduational organization which is going to cover all the aspects of education. The vision of Yes is to make a practical way of study which would inhance the rate of learning in the short span of time, it has number of technics which are being followed to propel the career of the trainee, despite these adventages Yes crowned the trainee with the certificate, by the help of this the candidate feels ease in his/her interview. So what are you waiting for?
Benifits of Learning English with YES Spoken English
* All teachers are highly trained and certified native English speakers
* Class times are flexible
* Students are better equipped to travel to English speaking countries after studying with                  YES Institute of English Language.
* Improve vocabulary and pronunciation.
* Feedback from your teacher that will help you to focus on particular areas of weakness
* Lessons can be adjusted to cater to your personal needs and interests
"The great secret of success is self-discipline - getting yourself to do what you really need to do - choosing to do what you feel is right and will bring the results you want into your life - long term. It is bringing order and efficiency into your life-. . . creating structure in your life and doing this enthusiastically! Success comes from taking charge of yourself and feeling proud of yourself when you do. YES Institute of English Language will help expand your idea of success....."
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